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I had a good wireless network up and functioning: an Airport Extreme basestation connected to our DSL modem; one Express extended the range to a far part of the house; another Express ethernet-wired to my G5 tower to get that computer on the network(it didn't come with a Airport card and it's hard to add one).
I took this whole set-up to another house, and a different DSL line, where it also worked fine.
Now We're back to the original house, and I have the base station working fine - but the 2 Expresses aren't working: one of them won't show in AirPort Admin Utility at all: the other I finally got show, and reset it fresh to "Join an existing network..." but even though its light is green, it doesn't seem to be fuctioning (ethernet connection to it doesn't register, for any computer here).
I can't think of anything else to try, and sure could use some advice! I have used the hard reset button on both units, repeatedly. Thanks.

G5 dual & G4 Towers, G4 Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Hard reset the Express units.

    With the Extreme, back up the configuration and then reconfigure with a new network name and password.

    Check that your Macs can now connect to the Extreme with the new network.

    Configure the Express units to extend this new network.
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    Felix, thanks, that helped somewhat. Now both Expresses are configured and appear together with the base station in the AirPort Admin Utility.
    Unfortunately, althought they seem to be configured properly and are showing green lights, neither Express unit seems to be actually getting the network connection - computers cabled to then show no ethernet connection at all, and iTunes will show them as available but cannot connect to them.
    The Airport Extreme itself is broadcasting just fine, all the Macs with Airport cards receive its connection.
    Any more ideas would be most welcome. Thanks.