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Hello everyone! I live in Australia and using the Australian version of the iTunes store. In my iTunes library, beside songs in English, there are also songs from other languages such as French, Korean and Vietnamese. At the beginning (around mid 2011), 95% of my collection was matched successfully, not without encountering some problems but that I'll leave for another discussion. The rest was uploaded. Please note that the 5% include most of my Vietnamese Songs. At the time I figured that since there weren't many songs by Vietnamese singers available in the Australian iTunes Store, so it's only logical that iTunes can't match them. I bought all of my CDs from oversea trips by the way.

Recently, I've discovered that many of the Vietnamese albums identical to mine are up and being sale on Australian iTunes Store (not to mention a Vietnamese iTunes store has also been opened). So I decided to delete all of the uploaded Vietnamese albums from iCloud and re-ripping them again a few days later, all with 256 AAC setting (an act that I am now very much regreted). All of them was matched successfully. I was happy until I downloaded them down onto my iPad or iPhone. Some of the songs (usually 1 out of every 10) have really bad quality. They're all sound very grainy, muffled and nothing like the clear and accurate sound of the originals that are on my PC hard drive. After many attempts trying to re-download them on the iDevices, the results are the same. I then looked up those particular albums on iTunes store to give those songs a listen. All of the previews sounde perfectly fine. I even bought one song just to make sure but it sounds good, also. In my last attempt, I deleted the bad quality songs from the computer's iTunes to re-downloaded them. To my disappointment, they're still sound like c**p.

So I would like to know if anyone encountered the same problem and if there is any way to fix it. And how do we contact the iTunes store management office or who's in charge? I tried twitter but no reply so far.

Thank you for taking your time reading this.

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Contact iTunes Store support here: https://expresslane.apple.com

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    What format and bit rate did you originally rip the tracks?



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    Contact iTunes Store support here: https://expresslane.apple.com

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    I ripped them with the iTunes setting of AAC encoder, iTunes Plus, 256 kbps (stereo), 44.100 kHz, straight from the CDs. These CDs are all legitimate and high quality copies bought from music store runs by a popular Vietnamese music publishing company (think of it like Warner Music or Sony BMG over there). I also, for the first ever time, ripped them using Apple Lossless Encoder format and put them in my backup hard-drive (I did this to all of my CD-ripped songs).

    Haha I think I rambled a bit here, sorry . Anyway, I used one song to compare using just general listening. The CD-ripped version sounds pretty much exactly the same with the version I bought from iTunes, and the matched version is just, well, bad. Let me know if you need more detail and thank you for taking an interest in helping.

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    Thank you for your help

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    Hi there I have exactly the same problem. I downloaded matched versions of 2 albums, the best of sash and blinds carlisle's the collection.  In both cases all but one of the songs sounded perfect store sample loud and clear. The other one sounded quiet and normalised. In the end I kept my cd ripped version as this was better sounding constantly.


    Did you fix your problem?  I think this sound issue is going to be common as it happened in both my cases.


    Please write back if you have solutions?


    Thank you.

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    Hey there, as suggested by one of the poster up above. I follow the link and have submitted an inquiry to Apple. All I have received so far is an e-mail saying that my inquiry is in a queue, waiting to be look at and answer. So if anything comes up, I will definitely post it here for anyone who has the same problem to see.

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I'll do the same. I just noticed also match sometimes plays wrong songs when streaming. I'll log that with them too. Please can you post your result, I'll do the same.