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heather1021 Level 1 (65 points)

I have an iPhone 5 that I am trying to pair and use with my Microsoft Sync Bluetooth that is built into my Ford vehicle. I am able to connect to my husband's Microsoft Sync (older version) in her Ford, but my iPhone won't work with my Bluetooth in my Ford. I am able to pair with my bluetooth (manually), but am unable to operate the iPhone (like play music) using the controls built into the steering wheel (like I am able to do when using my husband's bluetooth in her Ford). Also my iPhone does not connect automatically to the Bluetooth in the Ford when I get in the car everytime, on rare occassions it does, but for the vast majority of the time it does not, and I have to pair manually (again, my iPhone 5 does connect automatically to my husband's bluetooth when I get into his Ford). The only difference between the 2 Microsoft Sync Bluetooth's built into the Fords, is mine is a newer version, while my husband's is a couple years older.


Any troubleshooting suggestions? My iOS software is up to date. Maybe the bluetooth needs an update, though I have not heard of one? I have called the manufacturer, who said "it works how its going to work" (ha!). Does the issue lie with the bluetooth device in my Ford or with the iPhone?


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Have you tried deleting and/or resetting the bluetooth devices currently associated with Sync? I was having the same issues you are having until I deleted the devices currently synced with my car.


    Hope this helps!

  • heather1021 Level 1 (65 points)

    Yeah, we have tried all basic bluetooth troublehooting, deleting and re-pairing, restarting, resetting, restoring iPhone, etc etc, the result is the same each time.


    Since the iPhone can pair with the other Ford with out issue the problem doesnt seem to be with the iPhone. Its either not fully compatiable with the newer Ford Syncs, or there is some kind of firmware update that needs to be done to get them to work together seemlessly.


    I ended up calling Ford back again, who got me to Microsoft Sync. The problem seems to be with either some kind of firmware update needed on the Ford Sync to work with the iPhone 5. This all sounded suspicious to me, and the end result was that's just how its going to work, "we don't guarentee anything beyond that it will pair with your smart phone". A software update may be coming out soon, but we don't know when (there was a recent software update for a different Ford Sync product at the time).



    I noticed a number of others are having this same are some resources that helped me:


    Definitely call Microsoft Sync at 1-800-392-3673 the tech was helpful, or atleast did her best to be helpful. Be sure you can provide


    Ford's Support website -


    Other resources I found helpful:

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    Since lastest OS update huge compatability problems with Sync.  Someone needs to fix their OS.  Lets see, Replace $45,000 car or replace $600 Iphone with any number of smartphones with no compatability issues.  Apple, you do the math.  I like my phone but I conduct alot of business from my car and cannot afford to have such an unreliable system.  I am waiting but do not have unlimited patience.

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    Same here, now my phone loses bluetooth connection randomly.  When I use a navigation app the music app stops playing and I have problems getting it to play again. This is very dangerous when using GPS apps and the sound goes away.  My iphone 4 was far more reliable.  Asking Siri for anything is like asking my hearing impaired grandmother with dead hearing aid batteries. Ford Sync is not the problem because I can power down the iphone and everything is back to normal.  It's a software glitch in the ios.

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    Same issues here.  Having an iPhone5 and Microsoft Sync has been very frustrating.  When using ms sync, things work correctly about 25% of the time.  I think the problem is with sync - a "hard reset" on the sync computer in my car helped some but did not eliminate the problems.   Even though things improved some after the "hard reset" they are gradually getting worse again.  Winrot for cars! 

  • patrickfromnewton Level 1 (0 points)

    I have noticed the voice control works better if your a/c fan is turned lower.  I'm not sure where the microphone is but the air seems to affect sync accuracy.

  • Artharas Level 1 (5 points)

    Same issue on my Ford Fiesta 2013 and Iphone 5 IOS 6.1.4.


    I've send my vehicle to Ford to update Microsoft Sync, they have updating like 2 or 3 times the software but the issue continued and get crashes more frecuently, if i go out for 20 min and the music stop playing and the system get lock, and could not recovery the connection to bluetooth until the next day and only can use in some cases the radio of the vehicle.

    I don't know who will fix this, but i've tried on ford and they said that Iphone has a problem, and they can't fix that, because the system work without problems on other cellphones.


    Please, if any have any idea or any fix, would be great to know, because i've been 3 months with the same problem.

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    Since I've done the update tp Iphone 5 IOS 6.1.4 I cant sync with my 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec, no blue tooth connection at all.



    I have downloaded updates from FORD via USB, I have reset the radio hardware by removing the fuse. Also I've done the less dramatic, deleting the iphone and re-pairing it.



    I have reset network settings on the iphone, and also reset all settings, and back'd up from my last backup (which was MAY when it was working)....


    On the Ford display it shows as bonding successful yet on the iphone it shows "Pairing Unsuccessful" Make sure "Ford Audio" is ready to pair, the PIN code is correct, and try again....


    I'm at my wits end.


    I have logged a Case ID: 466677525


    Would love a fix....

  • Alan 5254 Level 1 (0 points)

    In phone set up on the sync screen Turn off auto phone book download feature.  I found out that 99% of issues went away

  • emm_mae Level 1 (0 points)

    I had to reset my phone, wipe it and start from scratch. annoying but it worked....

  • farmwife Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problems here and my Ford dealer tells me it's an Apple issue.  Imagine that????  This will be the last iPhone I ever buy if they are going to play stupid games like that.  I am told that Apple will not give the info Ford needs to avoid all these issues.  Mine has it's own mind as to when it wants to connect or not.  How I got here was I wanted to play songs from my phone.  Well the song title etc shows up on the screen but no sound.  Sound only comes from my **** phone.  If I have a wreck because of these stupid connecting issues I think I will sure Apple over it.

  • patrickfromnewton Level 1 (0 points)

    I have noticed a lot of my Bluetooth connection problems start when I plug the USB cable into the car's USB port to charge.    I have also noticed if u watch a video on the iPhone an an ad starts up the iPhone insists on starting to play the first song in my music library.  I think this is what screws up the GPS voice navigation up.  I wish apple would stop the auto play feature.  I don't know how many more times I can stand hearing Genesis Abacab!

  • wegras Level 6 (15,070 points)

    I am told that Apple will not give the info Ford needs to avoid all these issues

    unlikely as they give any one with developer status all the info they require ,more likely Ford cannot be bothered to  use the data

    Apple stay at leading edge of Communications technology hardly a claim Ford are likely to make ........

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    My iPhone 5 has allot of glitches and doesn't hook up well to my email etc.  It's not just with my car.  I hate it and wish I had my 4S back.  It didn't work well with my car either but at least it would retrieve all my emails etc.

    I agree Peter, Ford needs to do something to make the "Sync" thing work better.  They have some major issues not just with the phones.  I had the whole modem go out with in 4 months.  Thankfully I have a great dealer who fixed it for me after getting fed up with Ford waiting for them to figure out their problems. It happened after one of their famous updates.   But the Sync system is not all it's cracked up to be. 

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