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Hi, Apperture doesn't read the RAW files downloaded from my new Camera Fujifilm X-S1. What options do I have to work with .RAF (Fujifilm RAW)?

I was thinking about using RAW Converter PRO but it cannot upload the full information contained into the RAF file. Maybe there is another Program I can use until Aperture includes my camera in its DB.



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I have the X-E1 and information I have found is that Apple are keeping tight lipped on if they will support the RAF format or when they will. People have emailed Apple with no reply or they dont know. No RAF support is stopping from buying the App.

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    I've been a loyal Apple user for 20 years and have been using Aperture for the last 2 years. The X-pro came out a YEAR ago and still no x-trans sensor support and yet Lightroom by Adobe and Capture One now has RAW support.I've had to switch to the Lightroom trial as I have a busy studio in hope that Apple might bother with me but again no reply to my emails.

    If I have to purchase Lightroom I will probably not come back to Aperture which is a shame


    Apple seem to have got too big for good customer service these days unless it's an iPhone or iPad


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    It is a shame. They seem to be focusing more on casual users and not on the enterprise and enthusiast market. It's not just Aperture either, Mac Pro, Logic, Final cut. They have all taken a back seat and made way for the cash cow that is iOS.


    I currently use PS6 and ACR to work with my RAF files. It would have been nice to use Aperture.

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    It seems to be a problem between Apple and Fuji.

    The only X-model Aperture supports is the X100.

    Neither X10, nor X-Pro or X-E1 are supported. Forget about support of Fuji X-cameras in Aperture. I guess it will never arrive.


    Finally I sold my X10.