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How can I find out if my iPhone is locked or unlocked (I need to use it in China and want to buy a sim card when I get there). I bought my phone outright from an Apple store and then set up a sim only deal with a phone company.


Presumably if it is unlocked I shouldn't have any trouble buying a nano sim in China and using my phone there? I presum the only difference will be my phone number?


Thanks for any help

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Did you buy it outright, unlocked from Apple?  If you go to Settings > General > About do you see anything in the list about speific carrier?

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    If by Apple Store you mean Apple owned and

    you did not buy at Apple in US the iPhone will be unlocked

    ( US Apple sell unlocked and sim free ,not the same )

    Which country did you buy and you may get more definitive


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    Yes I bought the phone outright from Apple. I presume because I bought it outright and only later set up a monthly sim only contract that the phone is unlocked.


    In Setting > General > About > Carrier it states my phone companies name (that I have a sim only monthly contract with). I'm not sure what that proves?





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    Yup an Apple store in the UK.


    This sounds promising that it is unlocked



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    Thank you

    Apple UK retail and online stores ONLY sell unlocked iPhones

    unless you specifically take a contract and a Carrier contract price through them

    not something you can do by accident 


    It will be unlocked ................

    BUT to make sure and whilst you are still in UK

    try  another carrier sim

    Apple stores have been known to accidentally code an unlocked iPhone

    as locked at checkout and it would be easily fixed whilst here

    not from China