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For whatever reason, in Preferences/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Contacts/My Info.....keeps changing back and forth by itself to either my wife's contact, or my daughter's. This happens on both of our iPads and iPhones, and then the photo of my wife ends up coming along with a text from me...so it appears that she is sending it.


What's even more odd, is if we call our house number, it shows up that it is my son's phone, and he doesn't even have a phone number assigned to him in his contact.


What gives Apple? Seriously....all this cloud stuff was supposed to be easy and user friendly!!


Where's Jobs when you need him.....



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Mine switches to my daughters info by itself also.  My wife, daughter and I are all logged into my iCloud account on each of our iPhones (plus my iMac and MacBook Air) so that the "Find iPhone" app will show the location of each of our devices.  "My Info" never switches to my wife's information, just my daughters?????


    I'm now trying the "Don't Allow Changes" function under Settings/General/Restrictions/Allow Changes/Accounts - to see if that will keep it from automatically changing. 


    Will try to report back if this works.  I do not know what triggers the automatic change. 

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    This is so similar to my issue, I thought I wrote it. I tried the setting that you mentioned, and it didn't work. I have no idea why this happens…