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So I love my iMac. But my soon to be ex husband set it up. I've found that he has had remote access to all my computers. My Mac and my pc's. On the pc's I've been able to shut everything down. But on the Mac... I just don't know enough about them to do it. I went into system preferences and sharing and unchecked everything. I also found some sort of software on the computer and deleted it. But there are areas that I'm trying to access that I can't because it keeps asking me for a "keychain login". I don't really want to loose the software that is loaded or the files that are on this computer. He has taken any discs or activation codes with him. He also took the removable hard drive with EVERYTHING on it. SO... what do I do? How do I reset this Keychain login and make sure he can't access anything else?


The router and modem are both new and I set the passwords when they were installed.