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How do I store data on the Time Capsule.  I keep getting an error on my macbook air telling me my drive is full and I must delete files.  Can I just move them to time capsule to solve the problem?  If yes... how do I do that? 

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Can I just move them to time capsule to solve the problem?  If yes... how do I do that?

    Are you using the TC for TM now?


    If yes, then to store data you are better creating a disk image.. although it is not absolutely essential.


    Look at Q3 here. http://pondini.org/TM/Time_Capsule.html


    To move data onto the TC.. copy it and paste it.. via finder.. it is nothing more than that.. delete it in the Mac once you have copied it. (and then empty trash). There is no move as such except to trash.


    But if you intend to move itunes library or iphoto or any other library there is specific info..


    eg moving itunes.



    And there is a huge caveat..


    The TC has no way to back itself up.. and TM cannot backup a network drive.


    So your files are now moved to a single location.. without backup and without even a method to back them up.. and you can guarantee at some point you will corrupt a library or wipe a file or the whole TC drive de-format itself. What will you do then??


    The TC is never was never and never will be a NAS.. it is a back up location for TM. Use at own risk.

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    At the time I purchased my MacBook Air and Timecapsule (together) the store employee told me that one way to avoid purchasing a MB Air with a larger drive would be to get the Time Capsule as it has A LOT of storage.  So that was false information???

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    It was biased lets say.. since you are in the shop.. plenty of loose change in your pocket the salesman did a sales job on you.


    If you come back with a dead TC.. they will say.. it is a backup device for TM.. not a file storage device.. you should backup properly.. see, you change the story depending on if the customer is buying or returning.

    Like creative accounting it isn't stealing.. it just isn't telling all the truth.