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I just bought a second-hand iPod Touch (4-gen, 32GB). My Windows XP laptop is giving no indication that anything is attached to it at all. The "found new hardware" wizard does not open. The little icon that allows you to eject safely before detaching doesn't show up in the tray. No external devices are listed on My Computer.


I've spent a couple of days looking through previous posts in this forum and I did a little troubleshooting. This is what I can tell you so far:


  • The iPod is working - I can play music on it, use a few apps, etc.
  • I tried two different USB cables and neither one worked.
  • The Apple Mobile Device Support DOES appear in my Add/Remove programs list
  • But the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is NOT in the USB controllers list.
  • I had iTunes running before I hooked up the USB cable to the iPod.
  • I tried to look for iTunes updates, but was unable to access the site. (Yes, I was connected to the Internet - following directions on this site. ) I don't remember what version of iTunes I have (I'm not at home right now), but it's not the latest.
  • Until a couple of weeks ago, I had an iPod classic 5-gen that I was able to sync with iTunes, no problem. It's only the iPod touch that doesn't work.


Most users who ask about this problem do seem to get some recognition on their computer that there is some sort of device attached.They seem to have more issues with iTunes. So most similar questions direct to the "iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows" article. This article seems to assume that the computer has responded in some way to the iPod, even if incorrectly - but mine doesn't respond at all.


Can someone recommend a troubleshooting article that addresses the more basic problem of Windows not recognizing the iPod?


Thank you,


iPod touch, iOS 5, Can't connect to Windows XP laptop
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    Have you done this?

    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP

    Next the remaining items of:

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Run this to see if the results help

    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests

    Try another computer to help determine if you have an iPod or computer problem.

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    Thank you for these suggestions. I didn't remove/reinstall Quicktime, but I did do this with iTunes. I now have the latest version of iTunes.


    I went through all the instructions in the "iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows" article and did everything except the last part because I do not have any iPhone or other mobile drivers, etc, on my PC.


    I had tried the Device tests on iTunes, one at a time. For network connectivity, they all passed except "Secure link to iTunes Store failed." In the details it also said that the AMDS driver was not found. But in other place it is listed, so it's not clear whether it's on my system or not.


    I do not have the Apple Mobile Service USB driver. That might be causing the problem because without that, I don't see how my PC can recognize an Apple mobile device attached via USB.


    Does anyone here know where I can find that driver to download and install?


    Thanks again!

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    Have yuo looded and the Apple Mobile service USB drive topic of:

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    I would also try removing and reinstall Quicktime.

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    Hello again,


    Yes, I read through that entire article. I got to the place where it says: (in the device manager) "Expand all the sections labeled below not all sections may be listed". I did not have any of the listed sections (imaging devices, other devices, etc) in my device manager. Actually, I looked in ALL sections, even highly improbable ones, just in case. Nothing called Apple iPod, Apple iPad, or Apple iPhone was in any of those lists. There was nothing listed as "Unknown Device" either.


    The only thing left to do is check for 3rd party conflicts. But the only thing that section talks about is conflicts with other mobile devices - iPhones, etc., which I don't even own.


    However, I just had a thought. Before I bought this iPod, I had an older iPod (5th gen classic). Could there be a conflict with any leftover software for that?


    I guess I'll start over - uninstall and then reinstall iTunes and Quicktime. I'm not sure what else I should uninstall/install. One of the articles says something like "[uninstall] any software for Windows XP." Maybe I'm misinterpreting that, but I'm not about to uninstall everything on my computer! I hope that just means anything related to Apple. If that is the case, it should have listed all applications that need to be upgraded. Do you know of any others?


    Thanks for hanging in!



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    I've spent several days on this, and I am now able to see the iPod touch from iTunes. When I click on iPod (in the left panel), I get the summary page. When I clicked the Sync button (lower right corner of the page), it started the sync, but did not get past Step 1. It did not give an error message - instead it told me that the sync was complete. However, nothing was transferred from iTunes to the iPod.


    Please don't tell me to reinstall iTunes!! I have done so 3 or 4 times. I followed all the directions in "Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP" and in "iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows" VERY CAREFULLY.  My computer can see the iPod now, the Apple Mobile Device USB driver is in the USB controllers list in the device manager. Apple iPod is listed under "imaging devices." I ran the sync test described in the "iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests" article. It told me that all sync tests passed.


    Please help! I'm almost there. Do you know what might cause the sync to stop after step 1 and then tell me it's completed?



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    Oh, one other question. The Summary page in iTunes for the iPod informs me that I have iOS 4.3.3, and asks if I want to update the OS. Should I do this? I'm afraid to because I've gotten so far in getting this working. But maybe the synching problems are related to the old OS? Thanks.

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    I would update

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    Hello again. I updated and my iPod touch now has iOS 6.1.2. Everything looks like it should be in order - the computer see the iPod, iTunes sees the iPod. The Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed, all the programs that should be in the Control Panel are all there. But it still will not sync! I'm tearing my hair out.


    Tonight after I installed 6.1.2, I started the sync and it went through 3 steps. But it did it way too fast, and when I checked, nothing had been moved to the iPod.


    I'm out of ideas - can you suggest anything else?




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    Oh, and I did the sync tests in iTunes diagnostics - here's a screen shot of the command window.



    I hope you can read that. I notice that it says "no registered client con.apple.MobileSync... " Could that be why it's not doing anything? But it is not reporting any error, either.



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    I would try restoring the iPod from backup.

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    I did a restore. Not from backup, though, as I had not done a backup prior to the restore. However, in the process of the restore, it asked if I wanted to back up and I said yes.


    The restore concluded, and then it asked if I wanted to put the backed-up stuff back on the iPod, and I said yes.


    Then I did the sync. It seemed to be working. It went through 3 steps and stayed on step 3 for a while. Then it ended, and there was nothing on the iPod. The "Music" button opens a screen that says "no content."


    Then I did a sync test from Help->Diagnostics. This is what was displayed on the command window:


    Performing Sync Diagnostics for iTunes


    reporting PE file versions

    reporting time zones

    Enabling Sync Logging

    Starting Sync

    2013-03-13 02:59:11.896 syncli.exe[3188:e6c] setting one shot sync group for client con.apple.MobileSync.6f93c87e3101b680446936d817872280c801eb54

    2013-03-13 02:59:11.956 syncli.exe[3188:e6c] no registered client con.apple.MobileSync.6f93c87e3101b680446936d817872280c801eb54

    Waiting for Sync to finish

    ...Disabling Sync Logging


    The test ended "successfully" (with a green light, etc).


    Don't you think that "no registered client con.apple.MobileSync.blahblahblah..." is significant? Seems like it was unable to do the sync because some program or process or whatever was missing.


    So, still not synching. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks...

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    I just wanted you to know that I have resolved this problem, thanks to your help getting me out of incompatibility ****, and finally figureing out that I was clicking the wrong "Sync" button. Anyway, my iPod now has all my music, so thanks again!