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Dear Apple, I have really serious problem that my Iphone 5 just bought few day ago cant connect to cellular data, i call our carrier provider-Maxis (Malaysia) , they said this is phone ware problem and they had already request an unpdate of ios from Apple to resolve this problem, i wish to know is it true that Apple is aware this or just their excuse?

iPhone 5
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    This is a user to user forum.  There is no presence from Apple here, they will not respond.

    No one here knows what Apple is working on.


    Is the carrier and officially supported carrier? If they are, it is their problem.

    If they are not an officially supported carrier, you are on your own.

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    Thank d.v


    Yes they are officially supported carrier, but seem like they unable to solve it.......is there a way to clear this bug?

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    See if this helps


    Backup, Restore in iTunes, Reject any Update from your Carrier, Setup as New, Sync back personal data using iTunes tabs.


    Edit: Your Carrier has already taken up with Apple, as stated. Use Feedback to approach Apple.