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I have Apple TV 1st generation. It is connected to a JVC video projector through a Marantz amplifier. The projector is new and I am unsure whether or not the issue predates the JVC, but I do not believe that it does. JVC assures me that it is not a JVC problem and is likely an Apple Tv problem. The problem: Whenever I rent or purchase a movie on iTunes (Argo or Life of Pi for example) that has subtitles, the most recent dialogue that is translated via subtitle stays on the screen until either the next translated dialogue as is normal, or stays on the screen until the next translated dialogue occurs regardless of the time lapsed; if no further dialogue occurs, then the last dialogue translated stays on the screen until the end of he movie as if it was frozen. I can cure the problem by shutting down the movie and then resuming playing or by enabling closed captioning (until the next subtitled dialogue). Enabling close captioning in Settings also fixes the problem but has its own problems because every word of dialogue is captioned onscreen regardless of the language includng English. I am able to watch the movies in iTunes with normal subtitle function on my MacBook Pro. I am also able to watch subtitled DVD's through the amplifier and JVC with normal subtitle function. The Apple TV software is up to date. Has anyone had a similar experience and does anyone know how to fix the propblem? Thanks for any help.

Apple TV, Movie Subtitles Frozen Onscreen