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Possibly I don't need to reset.  The problem is I am getting a persistand message regarding Internet E-mail.

The following;

Server:   p10-imap.mail.me.com

User Name:



I don't recall creating the user that is shown (would like to keep it private) name for any account regarding my email accounts.


It had a password entered that matches the number of characters I use in a secret password.


It offers me the chance to Save the passwor to my password list.


When I clicked OK the first time the input screen kept popping up....over and over again.


I then changed the password to another often used (thinking I may have set up this User Name/Password sequence)


The second 'guess' at the password produced no results and again the input screen keeps popping up.


Should I just close the iCloud account and start over, or just forget trying to match Apple application with my PC?



iPhone 4S, Windows 7, I have a new Windows 8 program also