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Hello...I hope someone out there can help. I am very un-technical, and I'm afraid to ask my husband, who isn't, for help until I have exhausted other possibilities. I was browsing the internet on my new iphone5 when it slipped headfirst into the lukewarm, half-empty cup of black tea on my lap. So it was partially submerged in tea for about 1 second. I yanked it out, dried it off, shook it out, then not knowing what else to do at 4 AM, grabbed the hair dryer and very gently and very briefly blew air towards the top openings (speaker and pone jack).  The phone had worked for a few seconds after I retrieved it, but I didn't know to be sure it was turned off...i just assumed (I know, I know) it was turned off since the screen was totally black. About ten minutes later, when my previously out-of-battery ipad was charged enough for me to look up "wet iPhone" I put the phone into a bag of rice and kept searching for help online. About 30 mins later I had the SIM card removed and put the phone back into the rice. Left it in rice for 1 full day, then when when I could finally get to a store, I put it in between two "damp-rid" type packets inside a lunchbox on top of my water heater where it is warm. I left it alone for four or five days, then tried turning it on. nothing. Then I put the sim card in, and felt the little vibration of a phone powering on!! Screen was almost completely dark, so I returned it to the damp rid coffin it into the damp rid container for Another few days. Ans so, the exciting conclusion: Just now, I connected it to iTunes and could see very faintly enough to use the touchscreen. Reinstalled  everything, and made a call to my husband so he won't wonder why I haven't called him from my iPhone for ten days. Everything else seems to work but I want to know if I can fix the screen in any way. There are no apple stores in Germany yet and I don't want to buy a replacement phone. Techie: Can and/orShould I take it apart and look for corrosion? i have read some DIY tips for older phones on other forums but not for iphone 5. Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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