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After a series of complaints and refurbished replacements of my iphone 4 for its home button issue, apple agreed upon giving me an iphone 5 - box packed and brand new. I was super excited that apple finally took responsibility and just then i had 2 bad experiences with my iphone 5 in less than 48 hours of use!


1st - the music volume on the ear pods is extremely low even on full volume. Have checked the volume limit, have verified there is no EU limit, have restored the phone as new!


2nd - the battery life *****! Like i said i have restored the phone a new. There have already been 3 updates to ios 6 and its high time this got solved. In less than 2 days i have charged my phone 3 times. I have listened to music on it for less than an hour so far, about 2 hours of calls on 3g, there is no LTE over here, and finally about 3 hours of facebook and whats app in past two days. Offcourse about 5  or so pictures i took to test the camera.


Today i unplugged the phone at about 8 am. Its 3:25 and the battery is dead!!!


Can u believe it, they shipped this unit from singapore and i waited for it for nearly 20 days. And in less than 2 days i hate it!


I am gonna re calibrate the battery this time and come back here and post what happens.


Till then, can someone tell me how can i make this thing sound the way it should. Cause right now the volume is just low.


Neerav Kothari


I have checked it on the bundles earpods, the ones i purchased separately and the iphone 4 bundles earphone.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2, 32 GB, Black
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    Do not disturb doesn't work!

    siri has a hard time recognizing my words that have the alphabet R. Androids dictation beats iPhones dictation hands down!


    Is there a difference between resetting the phone from the settings app rather than iTunes?

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    Upadte: Recalibration did not solve the problem. Today I turned off iCloud sync for photos and Safari. I am at 75% with about two hours of use and six hours of standby. Dramatic improvement!


    But I just saw the Battery Drain by two percent while using siri dictation to type this reply!

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    by the way. i am currently using it will full broghtness! so thats a dramatic improvement by all means.


    but i am not sure if this thing counts using while being charged as a 'usage'. cause i dont exactly remember using it for 2 hours either since morning today.

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    just lost another 5 percent while using the fb app to cehrck notifications for like 5 minutes.


    yay! i got a $1000 phone (rupees 53000, factory unlocked) to just make phone calls!!!!!