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I have chargers for a Kindle and an iPad Mini. In both cases the transformers are built in to the mains plug and both have identical usb outlet ports to connect via a lead to the devices.

The mains plug of the Kindle charger delivers 5 volts 0.85amp = 4.25watts. The iPad mini equivalent delivers an output of 5 volts 1.0 amp = 5 watts.


If I put the iPad Mini usb charger lead in the Kindle mains plug and tried to charge my iPad mini with it at 5 volts 0.85amp = 4.25watts, would this cause any problems to the iPad Mini?


Likewise, could I use the iPad mains plug and the kindle lead to charge the Kindle at 5 volts 1.0 amp = 5 watts, would this cause any problem to the kindle?