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I am using Windows 8 with Outlook 2013 for windows.  When Outlook loads icloud crashes and displays an error that I need to repair Outlook, which I have done many times with no resolution.  I have even uninstalled both Office 2013 and iCloud.  Microsoft tells me it is a icloud issue not Outlook.  Thanks for any advice.

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    iCloud does not support Office 2013, the current solution/workaround is to install Office 2010 or 2007.

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    Its an itune issue, somehow it messes up with outlook and icloud control panel.

    Use the following sequnce and it will work:


    Uninstall icloud control panel and itunes.

    Install office 2013.

    Install itunes (you ll see the itunes addin in outlook 2013).

    install icloud control panel (latest version).

    Then you also see the icloud control panel addin in outlook 2013.

    Then it should work, just use icloud control panel to sync with outlook 2013.

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    Ok so am I correct in saying that I have to unistall itunes as well as icloud and then reinstall?  I installed itunes/icloud then office 2013?  I have unistalled icloud many times and I get a message saying default profile not set when i try to save with mail flagged?  If i unistall itunes will it loose all my music and id3 data?

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    Backup your data, you should have already done this, if you don't you will always run the risk of losing it. It's the cheapest insurance you can get.

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    I can only say that it works for me on Win7 32 bit and on Win8 64 bit configurations.

    I just do the sequence as I stated above and icloud control panel works and syncs my calendar, contacts, notes and icloud email account.