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Wondering if someone can help me out.


I am looking at creating a stand alone network at a tradeshow event. I am not going to be running any internet connection, we will be running some video loops. For this show, we will be looking to hook up a single ipad wirelessly to a single monitor. In the future we would like to have the ability to do this up to 4 monitors, with 4 separate Ipads.

I know we need a Apple TV for every monitor, were I get lost is the router. Do I need the Airport Extreme, or could I get away with using the Airport Express? What about using a off the shelf router, like Belkin? I get that the Extreme has a stronger bandwidth, I am not sure if that is necessary though?

Any help would be great.


iPad, iOS 6.1.2
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    as far as I know the atv does not support loop of anything

    it can be used as airplay speaker for music from any itunes

    it can access a shared lib from any itunes

    it can access the Internet


    it can be used along with airplay mirror to do what you want but it would require a new mac to mirror to each appletv older macs does not support it and airplay mirror is only to 1 device

    and the process of doing the loop itself you would have to find a way to do what inside OSX on the macs


    apple are not really selling these to make a profit on the device itself but on the media the users consume later on so you as a company trying to use the appletv as a comercial product maybe a bit out of their focus