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Afternoon all


I have been having problems with my Apple TV now for about 6 weeks but have not been about to try and solve it.  The unit is 2 years old and since the last update I cannot make the most of the features.  On the home screen I only have the options of Computers and Setting - none of the other old options are there.  If I try to sign in with my itunes account on Apple TV it says it does not recognise my user ID or password.  I can play music from my Macbook through Apple TV but even the pictures that scroll when music plays are from the 'default' settings.


I have tried turning unit on and off, turning router on and off etc several times but both iphones, ipad, macbook all still pick up everything and work fine.  I cannot do a restore as it won't let me simply saying update not successful.  Its so annoying and means I can't make use of that which has always been sued so much.  Sort of don't want to have to buy a new unit simply as an update from Apple has caused a problem?


Any advice is massively appreciated


Many thanks

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