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I am wondering why my 15" macbook Pro keeps freezing up. I just bought this computer and Im running mountain lion with all the new updates that has come out along the way. I have maya, after effects, photoshop and illustrator installed. This computer has the memorary and ram capabilities to run all these programs so that they purr. But why am I experiencing delays, hiccups, or freezing (no Pinwheel or Hard restart) when I'm surfing the web using safari or firefox. My internet connection is decent and this issue just started happening a month ago. And actually it has started being noticeable doing small task like opening the finder or trying to mouse over the dock and select a program. This should not be happening considering my old 15" macbook pro has less ram and memory, is filled with programs, documents and weird stuff along the way and still performs well. Any suggestions or comments will be nicely appreciated.


Also, I have my firewall up and running and tried zapping my PRAM already.



Ashy Knuckles