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uncap days ago my macbook pro mid 2010 to clean the processor had been removed without problems, just taking intoaccount some wires, but that was it, now I wonder, can i make an improvement to the processor, but this damage by x reasons , or just to improve it? which is the reason for Apple to make a processor that does not change if the answer to this question is no.( i am sure it was the processor, not the hard drive or the ram)

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am really not clear on just what you are doing...you opened your MBP to clean the cpu?  Did you damage some wires in the process?  And you want to improve/replace the cpu?


    Apple does not support changing any parts except the ram or hard drive.  The cpu is not normally removable.  How you did that is a question.


    Also, if you are under extended AppleCare warranty you probably just voided your warranty.


    Can you stae exactly what you did, step-by-step, and any damage, and what you want to do?

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    Ralph macbook pro in general have a warranty of 1 year only, and i bough this mac on 2010, so in that point i dont see any problem, the other thing is that i do not damaged any wires in the process, right now im sending you this message through the same macbook pro. so my question still stand.


    sorry for the english is not my native lenguage, and i cant find my country so...


    what i wanna do is improve the processor, other way if my processor is damaged, what i going to do buy another mac that is ridiculous

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    Hi, I wasn't trying to say anything about your English, just that it was not clear to me exactly what you did or want to do.


    Yes the standard warranty is one year, but you can extend that by purchasing AppleCare - that was my concern, that if you purchased AppleCare, did you do anything to violate the extended warranty.  Apparently not so that is not an issue.


    You did not do any damage to the insides of the MBP, the statement about the wires confused me and made me think you had damaged some wires, sorry I misunderstood that.


    The cpu cannot be removed or replaced.  If it is defective, the entire logic board has to be replaced.  But if the cpu was defective the MBP would not be working for you so that does not seem to be a problem.


    You can improve the performance in a couple ways: memory at the maximum helps the system perform better, especially with operating systems like Lion and Mountain Lion.


    Replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD) makes the system faster for any operation involving read/write to the storage.  But SSD is much more expensive than a hard drive, and much smaller in capacity.


    I hope I am now understanding correctly.

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    if in fact I have it so watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EPsSXCPOjg thanks for you consideration but  i am still confused for the reason of why they make it that way,if it were reemplazable, they wouldn't have problem with the sell, the prestige will increase, the only think i can do is wait