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Just yesterday went to my local Costco and bought myself a Logitech docking station and it was a great deal. On the side of the box it lists the devices that it will support. The iPhone 4 is listed. When I hooked it up and plugged my iphone 4 into it. This error come up "This accessory is not supported by iPhone". First, I was thinking what a way to get customers to buy and end it will end up not working. Buyer Beware.

Apple should give us a update that will fix this software error on our iPhone's. There are millions of iPhone's out there and not having any problems using accessories and docking stations. Not fair to the rest of us out there that want the same benefit to the iPhone.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
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    What did Logitech say about it when you contacted their support? They are the ones who built the docking station.

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    This has nothing to do with Logitech. I have tried other products in the past year and a half. My iphone has been giving me this error since iOS 5. Something in the software is preventing us to use these aftermarket equipment. My sister in laws iphone 4 has the iOS 6 and she has a JVC stereo in her home and has no problems or errors on her iphone 4.

    My terminals are clean. I have given my iphone a factory reset and a restore. My iphone shouldn't be limited to uses of other products. In the near future I am planning on getting a new cellphone. I don't want to switch from apple.

    Apple's next update for iPhone should fix this for us. So, we can use our docking stations.