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Since installing Snow Leopard I can only print using my HP Laserjet 2200dn mono laser printer if I print via my old G4 which is running Tiger.

The G4 has the HP printer as a shared printer and is connected using Appletalk.

Obviously this is very inconvenient as the old G4 is not always on!


I have downloaded and installed two lots of Apple printer driver updates, along with the latest version of Gutenprint.


I have tried resetting the printing system, all to no avail.


No matter what I try the printer keeps pausing before doing anything and pauses again within a few seconds of restarting.

I have tried various printer drivers with no effect, including the Gutenprint one.


Any help gratefully received!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Have you also tried repairing permissions and restarting your computer?  Contacting HP tech support?













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    After spending almost a whole day on this, I found the answer in another thread....... Resetting the printer by holding down the power button for a few seconds when turning it on. Then I printed out a new test page and it had a newly assigned IP address. This new address now works where-as the previous one did not! (also reset the ethernet router as per other thread just in case.) Deleted old printer (again!) and added new one using jet direct, this time it found the HP2200 driver itself, so I was hopeful and justly so. Phew at last!


    Unfortunately HP have been completely unhelpful as it is an old unsupported printer.

    No help on their website and when I called them they couldn't even identify the printer model!

    Despite several promises to call me back they did not, so no brownie points for them......

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    Thanks CMSK, please see my second post!

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    Thank YOU for notifying us of the solution that worked.  Very much appreciated.  May work for other users with the same issue as yourself.













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    Quite. The other topic though involved airport connection, but the basic principle with the IP address reset seemed to solve the problem.