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I have an ASUS RT-N66U router which is working fine between my iPad2; Mac Book Pro, however, I can  not get my HP Photosmart wireless printer to connect. Any KISS step by step to get this fixed is greatly appreciated!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    What do you mean you can't get the printer to connect? Do you mean to your routers WiFi signal? Can you see the SSID name of your routers WiFi access point on the printer?


    More info is needed.

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    I hit the set up wizard on the HP touch screen; I pick my ASUS router that shows up in the list; it asks for my "WAP passphrase" but the code I use does not take. My son was able to use that code to connect his microsoft laptop to our hime network, this Mac and Ipads@ etc all connect. Just not the printer. I appreciate the help. What do you suggest as the next step(s)?


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    Next step is to make sure you are typing in the correct code and character set, Capitals, Upper Case letters, and the like.


    Usually the newer routers have the WiFi password printed on a label someplace on the routers case. That is unless you changed it.


    You can get the correct code from a PC running Windows 7 that is presently connecting to your Wifi. At the present I don't have a WiFi Win 7 PC at my disposal so I can't look up exactly where but it is in either Manage WiFi connection or in the properties of the WiFi card in that computer. There is a Check box to "Show Password".


    Then again most of the newer routers also come with this WPS system, Wifi Protected Setup, and if you never disabled that on the router and typed in your own password you might try that if the printer is equiped with WPS.