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Hey, quick question.
I am trying to embed a video into a web page and found some source code to do so. This is a "Click to play" video, so I got everything working except for one thing...
On my other movie pages where they autoload, I can choose to resize the videos (for example, my movie files' native size is 320x240, but I have them play at 640x480) and I can hide the controller. My question is- is there any way to resize the video and hide the controller for a movie that you have to click to play? Otherwise I would have to re-export a video at 640x480, and it seems like it would just be easier if I could use the one I already have. Thanks!

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    The "click to play" file is the starting point and the tags used for it can be passed to the href file by using the special saveembedtags="true" tag.
    Your poster movie would use tags controller ="false" and scale="tofit". Set its dimensions to 640X480 and these tags should be passed to the linked href file.
    More info:
    http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/QT4WebPage/samplechap/special -3.html
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    Thanks a million!
    I knew there was some way to do it!
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    What you said works great... on my Mac
    but when I tried to view it on a PC I got the same problem.

    can you test it out on a PC? http://www.imboredpictures.com
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    Alas. My PC has finally "died" (a gift) and I can't test the issues on one.
    But, I suspect many.
    Symantec Visual Page Mac Evaluation Version 1.1.1
    Is listed as the page code software you've used. I don't notice any errors but you may want to invest in a more modern WYSIWYG editor (if your budget allows).
    I don't "know" if the page code is interfering with a PC browser, or not. Have you tried using other PC browsers (something other than IE)? Do the troubles appear in these browsers?
    The page code appear to use a mix and match code that leaves a space (and adds a closing tag) to each line in the object tag. It looks like this:
    blah.something /> instead of blah.something>
    You don't notice the errors in the only tag used by a Mac (the embed tag) and that is why I've reached this conclusion.
    If you manually removed the (sort of redundant) closing tags (change /> to a plain > close tag does this new page work on a PC using IE?
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    well, unfortunately my knowledge of code is VERY limited, and Visual Page (even though I know it is grossly out of date) lets me design the basic pages I want. But I will try to gain access to another PC or another PC Browser to view this.

    I'm still very proud of myself for getting this far.

    and hey, I guess things just work easier on a mac.
    I'll let you know what I find out.
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    None of us knew anything about html code 15 years ago.
    We learn through trial and error or guesswork. Or, someone with more experience.
    I started out using Homepage (back when it was known as iTools (OS 9). Once I noticed its limits (template designed pages) I bought BBEdit and haven't looked back.
    Nearly all of my pages are now "custom" creations and they "play nice" with my iDisk.
    I'm not here to suggest you purchase BBEdit, or any other software, to make your pages "work". It's just that the page code (simple stuff) can get in the way of the normal browser experience.
    Add to all of that is the new rules for page code for those PC users using IE:
    This stuff had me pulling my hair out (and I'm bald). But I've fixed my pages for those poor PC souls that still use IE.
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    I got it!

    I remade the page in GoLive and (through trial and error, just like you said) got the video to playback on a PC running IE.

    I think I deserve an ice cream cone.

    Actually, now that I have your attention, I was wondering about another thing...
    I think my videos look alright online, but do you have any suggestions on getting really good quality with really low file sizes?
    Here's my current export settings...

    Compression Type: MPEG-4 Video
    Frame Rate: 15 fps
    Compressor Quality: Best
    Key Frames: Every 24 frames
    Data Rate: Restrict to 500 kbits/sec
    Dimensions: 320x240 (which I resize on my web pages)

    Format: AAC
    Sample Rate: 22.050 kHz
    Channels: Stereo
    Bit rate: 80 kbps

    then I check the prepare for internet streaming box and pull down to Fast Start-Compressed Header.

    Anything you'd change?