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i put my spreadsheet oin the icloud that was made on imac then loaded to icloud. i put numbers on my ipad and then i opened up spreadsheet on ipad but if i go to enter dates or any info, when i click on a cell it will only let me copy,cut,delete,or fill. if i cant enter info on ipad this is useless. what am i missing? thanks

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    Peggy_sig.pngIf you tap & hold you should also see a > to the right which will give some more choices. You can also add rows to a table by tapping to select the table then tap & drag the little icon at the lower left. I rarely edit my spreadsheets on my iPhone, so I find it a bit tricky to get these options, especially with my big fingers, but it can be done.


    You might want to read the "Getting Started" document that comes with Numbers for iOS. Tap "spreadsheets" while in Numbers & it should be one of the documents available.

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    Double-tap on a cell. Single taps only show that copy menu you see. If you double-tap, it will show keyboards and you can edit the cells.

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    everything you need to know is in the help guides within the program or online at: