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Airport utility can not find my airport express...


I was trying to connect a PC  (Windows XP) laptop to my wireless network via the airport express.


I have a Mac with an airport that I use to get internet in my other room.  I am trying to get internet on the laptop too.


I somehow manage to erase my network & now my airport utilities won't even scan/recognize my airport??


ANY help would be appreciated, mac helpline wanted $59 to help & I live in a small northern community where they do not have anyone that will address a Mac issue!!


Thanks for your time.



Airport Express, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Tesserax Level 9 (50,020 points)

    I would suggest that you start by performing a complete power recycle of your networking equipment. I would also choose the option to perform a "factory default" reset on the AirPort Express Base Station (AX).


    One done the AX should broadcast an unsecured wireless network with a Network Name of something like: Apple Network NNNNNN. Can the WinXP laptop find and connect to this Wi-Fi network now?

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    Thank you SO MUCH Tesserax for taking the time to help!


    I powered everything down, slowly powered everything else up from the modem to the airport then the computer.  I then reset the airport & rescaned it through utilities.  I set up a new network & voila!  wireless up & running again.


    I am going to try to connect the laptop to the network now.....well, mabey tomorrow night, I've had enough for 1 evening!


    I will update....or possibly be begging for more help...we'll see!


    Thanks again for your time!