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The current KB article about extending wireless networks is out of date--how do you "allow this network to be extended" on AirPort Utility 6.x? These instructions describe v. 5.x.

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    The option "Allow this network to be extended" is not available or required in AirPort Utility v6.x. Only the extending AirPort needs to be configured with Network Mode = Extend a wireless network selected.

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    In my case, the option was required, so the problem was that it wasn't available. When I used v6.2 to extend the network on the secondary AP Express, it gave an error saying the network couldn't be extended.


    Once I booted Snow Leopard from an external drive, I was able to follow the instructions in HT4259 with v5. Once I checked the "allow this network to be extended" on the primary AP Express, the secondary AP Express started extending the network as it should.


    While v5 of the AirPort Utility is available for download, it won't work on Mountain Lion, so this solution wouldn't work for most people, who don't keep old operating systems lying around.

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    Ah ha! I tried the 5.6 installer, and since it said it wouldn't work with ML, I assumed the app itself wouldn't. It turns out the old version I had on the Snow Leopard drive works fine without booting to that drive. Very happy that I've got it worked out now, but people shouldn't have to resort to pacifist to enable basic functionality that came with the devices. At a minimum, Apple really needs to update the documentation to match the software they're actually shipping!