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I just recently got a new iPhone 5 with Verizon.  I was on AT&T before and, due to location changes since I got my original 3GS (then 4S, and now 5), I had to change numbers.  If you open Preferences in FaceTime, it has a listing of all the emails and the phone numbers that are associated with my FaceTime account.  Now, I can disable the old phone number from being able to send or receive calls from my Apple account by simply clicking on it and getting rid of the check box next to it.  But, how do I get my NEW NUMBER so that my MacBook receives FaceTime from my fiance's phone, regardless of whether or not she clicks on my phone number or email?  And, before anyone asks, I have already edited my Apple ID account through FaceTime's Preferences to reflect the new phone number.  Nothing changed as a result of doing that.

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    Remove the Apple ID so it itself is not linked to any iPhone number.

    Either turn off Messages on the iPhone or place it in Airplane Mode to Break with the server.


    On launching Messages again check  the iPhone number is ticked in Settings > Messages > Send and Receive.

    Add the Apple ID.

    Once this info appears on the Mac version via the Alert message, then you can add additional emails if required.



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