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It's Impossible unless Somebody has a suggestion on how to fix this "problem".

This iPod 5th Generation appears to have a black screen. Whenever i charge it. It goes to charging screen that Battery symbol and the lightning bolt below the Battery symbol. You cannot turn it on or reach to the apple logo. Cannot do a Hard reset (Sleep button + Home button at the same time). It stays as it was. Charging for 5 Hours now...What a big waste. Got this iPod less then a month. Called help to fix the problem at apple store which i have an appointment in 2 days. But if any suggestions would work on my iPod. Then i don't need to go to the appointment.

Please. Somebody help me fix that iPod. Stuck at black screen. Can't goto the apple logo. So whenever i unplug the recharger. It goes black screen instead of battery required to charge or something like that.
Anybody help?

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.2