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Hello there fellow Apple Lovers! I have a question regarding the .vro format. So I have a youtube channel (gaming) and I want to start recording my xbox gameplay. TO do so, I use my Pioneer DVR-RT401 DVD Recorder. Now after recording, I put the dvd into my mac and use these commands to make it useable:



sudo ls -l /Volumes/StorageLabs\ TinyUDF\ Volume/

sudo cp -R /Volumes/StorageLabs\ TinyUDF\ Volume/ ~/Desktop


Those commands leave me with a Folder Entitled DVD-RTAV, and in that folder, two files:





I can play the .vro using VLC media Player, and the quality is okay, however, If I want to import these files into iMovie(which i do), I need to convert them. FOr converting I use Visual Hub, and convert it to the iTunes format with the quality SLlider on Go Nuts!

But upon viewing the converted video, I'm left with an unprofessional effect similar to iMovie's Raster Effect. Does anyone know of a Free program that can convert .vro files better?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)