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I just had my iMac hard drive replaced, due to a recall. When trying to reinstall my Aperture library from an external hard drive, I get the message they need to upgrade. I am running Aperture 3.2.4, on OS 10.6.8 and every time I have tried to upgrade my photos, the scanning bar continues to move but nothing else happens. This has been allowed to go on for hours but nothing changes. I have reinstalled Aperture a couple of times and nothing seems to help.

I would appreciate any suggestions, hopefully in lay terms.

Thank you.

iMac (21.5-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What Aperture version are you upgrading from and how large is your Aperture library? For a really large Aperture Library the upgrade can seem to hang for hours. If your library is close to a Terabyte let the upgrade run.


    Sometimes the upgrade of the Aperture library hangs, if the Aperture library has a corruption and needs repairing. In that case try the Aperture library First Aid Tools and repair or rebuild the Aperture Library before trying to upgrade.


    Launch Aperture with the ⌥⌘-key combination firmly held down and select "Repair Database" from the panel.




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    Thank you for your reply.

    The Aperture Library folder is 15 GB and was created in Aperture 3.1.3.  I didn't realize there would be such a problem reinstalling my photos. I tried the First Aid Tools. It would open Aperture with a new library but not the older version, original library.


    Thank you,


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    then try to hold down the ⌥⌘-keys and double click the old Aperture library to launch Aperture directly on that library. Does that work?

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    I get a window that says the photos need an upgrade. When clicked, I get the following message: There was an error opening the database for the library “~/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary”.

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    Is there a crashlog, when you get this error message?

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    No, Just "Warning".

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    Well, I'm still not sure how I did it but I tried a few more dig arounds and finally restored my photos.


    Thank you for your kind suggestions and patience.