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Settings said update was needed. Next note was it could add to data charges, but gave no further info, other than it helped calendar bugs.   I decided to try after hooking to my computer, thinking my wifi connection would be the 'motor'. Only THEN did it say .... estimate is 29 min.... after the load began. There is no way to stop the load.  How do I deal with this in future, if not wishing overage on data?  If I don't wish to update, how do I get rid of the red alert on my phone settings?   Thanks

iPhone 4S
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    connect your phone and download the update on your computer/itunes, then it will install the update on your phone.

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    I agree with iinami.


    Regarding the second part of your question, yoou should always choose to update.

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    Thanks to both of you. However, I had connected my phone to my computer, as stated. I checked (under system pref) on my computer, which showed no updates needed for that. So, the only thing showing was the 'update this phone' on the phone itself. There were no variables or choices to manuever thru , other than to click " install ".  Apparently I don't know how  to load to the computer, then to the phone. It just did it's own thing.  So, I'm still stumped.

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    I'm confused.  Do you have iTunes (current version: 11.0.2) on your computer?  Does your iPhone show up in iTunes?  Have you clicked "Check for Updates" there?


    System preferences on your computer is not relevant, so I'm confused.