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I just had my AT&T DSL service activated, and I am trying to secure the wi-fi network using Airport Utility 6.2. My Airport Extreme is broadcasting the unsecured signal but I am completely unable to secure it.


Modem and router are hooked up correctly. I have to configure the base station for the unsecured signal to begin broadcasting. If I cancel the configure, the signal goes away completely.


So I configure the base station again, and I'm presented with a screen that reads "This Airport Extreme will create a network" and am presented with four fields: Network Name, Base Station Name, Password and Verify.


I enter a password and verify it, and am then given a screen to "Provide my PPPoE information I received from my ISP." I do that, and it spins for about a minute and says I am connected to the network I created. Except there is no wifi signal and no connection.


It has been like this for four days now. I am at my wit's end. ATT insists that the problem is not on their end. Any help anyone can give is appreciated. Thanks.

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    So to be clear - you have a DSL modem from AT&T, and want your Airport Extreme to broadcast this signal as well as route it?


    You say you hooked up the modem and router correctly, are you able to get connection when plugging into the LAN port on the Airport Extreme?