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What is going on Apple?  Lost an entire day today!  My guess network disappeared, and it was a downward slide from there. 


There was no abiilty to restore it (it would not show up - even though Airport Extreme was in DHCP and NAT mode.) 


There was no ability to manage the existing WDS (even with pressing the option key.) 


There was no ability to select 'Allow Network To Be Extended. to replace WDS. 


The entire network then collapsed (repeated requests to enter password to select various of the airports configurations, that did nothing and made the devices unaccessible.) 


The entire network collapsed and there was absoluately no way to resolve the issues or recover from the disaster.  No remote machines on WDS, printers on Airport Expresses, nothing! 


Spent an entire day without warning. 


The only way to resolve this was to download a deprecated Airport Utility (5.6) and install it.  And it would not allow itself to be installed.  One has to jump through hoops to get this older version installed into the OS. 


What is going on Apple!? 


Does anyone know if there is a way to access features that may be hidden in Airport Utility 6.2, that are not obvious, or did Apple just eliminate them, and leave us stranded without a paddle?  Unbelieveable. 

Mac OS X (10.7.5)