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I have just gotten an apple tv 3 for my birthday, i also have a dlink dns320 sharecentre which is plugged into my network. my issue is that all my computers can access my itunes off the server, but my apple tv only see's the purchased music from the NAS. Any ideas???

Apple TV, Windows 7, dlink dns320
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    I believe you are out of luck on this one.  I think the apple TV accesses a different server based on your iTunes previous purchases so it makes you a slave the content you get from them.  Whereas, non apple content uploaded to the itunes player you have on your computers share through your network via direct file access made possible by the computer sharing function and the fact that you have it stored on site.


    The newer Mac's have a mirroring function that would solve that problem and play whatever you have going on that specific local.

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    So is there another device other then Apple TV that I could use to access my music from iTunes over my network?

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    So if I had all my music on iTunes on a Mac this should work? Cus I also have a MacBook Pro??

    Would this work? Or should I just scrap the Apple TV and get a boxee box or something?

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    apple TV will let you access itunes but only the content you have purchased from apple or compadible files.  Make sure you have the home sharing function activated in iTunes then go to the settings menu on the apple tv and activate home sharing as well.  It should make your library associated with that itunes account available through your network.