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I have an Airport Extreme that bombed out.  I was going through a routine power cycle after recycling my modem and I noticed it did not come back online.  I got into the Airport Utility and although I could see the Airport Extreme and could read its data, the Airport Utility would error out each time I tried to hit Configure.  I disabled all my firewall settings on two different PCs and still no dice. Tried the Airport Utility on a Mac Mini and still no dice on configuration.  I reset it back to the factory settings thinking if I rebuild it, it would work. Still no dice.  I get various error codes like -6722, -1022 and -4 but it will never configure.  I then got a new Airport Extreme thinking the old one had some kind of mechanical failure.  I opened the airport utility on the same mac mini and tried to configure.  It could again see new Airport Extreme but when I hit the configure button it said "error in communicating with Airport Express" with no error code and would not configure the Extreme.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Windows 7