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Thank you for stopping by to read this post.  (I apologise if this has been duplicated as I have noticed similar posts to this where items are greyed out in iTunes, but none that match the exact issue I'm experiencing that I could see). 


I've noticed something rather odd when I connect my iPad to my MacBook Pro and look at the device contents in iTunes.


I started off by connecting my iPad to iTunes, selecting iPad then 'On this iPad' from iTunes and then deleting some content from my iPad, but this is where it get's interesting/confusing/annoying:  When I eject iPad from iTunes unplug USB cable then reconnect it, go back in to iPad and 'On this iPad' items I've deleted are still listed but in a greyed out state with a dotted circle to the left, please see screenshot below of the TV Shows category on my connected iPad:


Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 14.07.20.png

So far I've tried deleting these, removing ticks and deleting but each and everytime I reconnect my iPad the deleted items are there in their greyed out state. It's important to mention at this point that thankfully these items don't actually appear on the ipad itself, just within iTunes.


Also, I've noticed the issue is a little worse in the Music folder of my iPad when connected to iTunes as it appears to have created duplicates; greyed out files that have been deleted along with actual files that are on my iPad and visible when I go to the Music App on the iPad.  Here is another screen shot to convey better what I mean:


Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 14.24.05.png

Although duplicates appear greyed out in the iTunes I can confirm that they don't appear on the iPad itself when using the Music App only the files in bold text are visible in the App.


I hope I've made the problem clear as I find it a little odd to describe but if you can help I'd appreciate it.






iPad, iOS 6.1.2, iPad 3rd Gen, 32gb
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    I'm not sure if I've done something wrong with the images I posted above as they appear to be very small and nothing happens when I click on them, I'd assume when I click on them it should enlarge the image?



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    Larger screenshots below in case you can't view ones posted above, apologies:


    iTunes iPad connected image 2.png

    iTunes iPad connected image 1.png

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    Ok, just in case anybody is interested I figured this out as being a case of songs which for whatever reason didn't download/synchronise correctly over the air via wifi/3g to my iPad.


    I basically found this out by accident, after erasing all content on my iPad I checked it's status in iTunes and was pleased to see everything had now gone, so I started adding songs and while doing this the cable came out from the iPad and I was left with greyed out songs with the circle on the left, however this time I was able to delete them and then add them to my iPad correctly.


    So to recap then the only way to be able to resolve this if you have this issue is to do a factory reset of your iPad, unfortunately even restoring my iPad from an iCloud backup resulted in this issue still occuring so I backed up Apps that I could and dowloaded the rest.


    Hope this helps someone in the future.

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    Steve, I was having a similar problem with a video file and found your thread.


    Then I realized that duh, I already had a solve for this!!! Must be getting senile.


    It's from 2012, but I just tried it again and it resolved my latest issue: https://discussions.apple.com/message/17335749#17335749