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I would like to share files wirelessl between the two macs we have at home, not via internet or remotely or anything.   Just two macs several metres apart at home.


I got nothing.  I have checked file sharing, nominated sharing folders, wifi/airport is switched on, firewalls are off, everyone says thats it, easy.    Nothing is visible on the finder window and I cant find the other mac by trying to 'connect to server'.  I have tried typing the afp address.   Could someone please advise how it is supposed to work and what hardware is needed and used, please also  define what acronyms and terms mean such as subnet, IP, server etc if you have to use them.I have read all the 'how to' in support and looked through the  discussions. 


I am missing something really fundamental here so some one  needs to talk to me like I am a five year old, I am ready to be told I  have made a really silly omission.


I have questions such as:

Do the two macs communicate directly (not via other hardware) using wireless?  (ie problem is with settings on one or both macs)


Do they network via the wifi router modem which is also connecting them both to broadband internet (it is a Dynalink with 4 ethernet channels, wifi)? In which case I may really need to be pointed to settings on that.


Many thanks in advance.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), other computer is macbk pro mt lion