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    I have the same problem, and a hard reset(restore to factory setting and set up as a new phone) did not fix it. I have 2 months left on my Apple Care + so I will be taking it in today(appointment) to see if they will replace it for free as a warranty issue. I started having this problem about a month ago, but I have not taken it in till today because I wanted to wait till school was over to try and hard reset.

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    I am another person who has the same issue. Wifi is disabled and greyed out. Strange of Apple to not answer to these critics and issues. Obviously its a global problem and a big issue for many whom Apple has ruined their phones for. Least they can do is to answer and start solving this issue. Its obviously a software issue and the problem is very serious. So i must say that I am very disappointed with their service mindedness and especially this update 6.1.2.


    Apple you must fix my wifi which you have destroyed and meet tjese critics.


    Br, ahomik

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    Hi guys i had the same problem iphone4s version 6.1.3 and i was able to fix it by putting the phone in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes turned off and then Bang back to normal, so far so good ill let u know if it goes back. Now apparently this is not a software issue but hardware the phone gets heat up near the wifi antenna so it turns it off. Why does it get heat up, dunno i guess over use, hot weather or plce over an allready hot surface like my laptop! So yeah just let it cool for a while near the AC or just in the fridge for a while! :)

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    I'm not sure that's an Official Apple Resolution, heh. If you do not have Apple Care +, I would not resort to that, as taking the phone to freezing temperatures(outside operating temp) can void your warranty. It would be especially important not to allow any moister into your phone when freezing, otherwise the condensation that occurs post freezing could fry some electronics.

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    Ur right! AC it is then!

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    I too... am having the exact same problem. This appears to be done on purpose. The Wifi switch is suddenly greyed out? I mean, we all have enough experience with Apple products to know that when something is greyed out, it's disabled. This appears to me, like an admin feature being exercised, but by whom? And for what reasons? Switching to Andriod peeps... the simplicity was cool for a while, but the lack of support and the Go "F" yourself attitude from the Apple store employees has boiled over for me. Take this thread for instance. Here we are, on the Apple official forums, and not a single tech or admin can jump in and explain? or help?


    The first post of this thread was on March 9th, APPLE... HELLOOOOOOO!!!  ANYONE HOME?

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    Update: problem came back again so we are back to ground zero!

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    Just found out my wife also has this issue and after reading this thread we're still no nearer to sorting it... My iPhone and sons iPhone are fine so where is the issue

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    Wife went into the store today after booking a time slot.. They exchanged the handset and admitted they have a bug regarding the wifi.. But will only exchange handsets if it is within the warrenty. Otherwise you need to pay for a replacement..... Even if its a bug !! *** Apple, if its a known issue / bug then its a software issue and should be replacing all handsets that are faulty regarding this issue

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    Had the same problem arise.  Looks like a software issues as after a restore (Erase All Settings & Content - last resort) the welcome install screen highlighted available wifi networks and connected to my wifi.  Then the restore kicked in and once this had completed the wifi was greyed out.  I am travelling abroad and need wifi - or get killed on roaming data - and getting a new phone probably wont help if my restore pushes out the same config and issue.  Thoughts appreciated. 

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    Brother Usman, Thank you very much for your solution.

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    Hi all,


    I was having same issue and tried almost evrything.


    Updating iOS 7.0.4 to 7.1 beta and after around 12 hours wifi started working.


    updating to iOS 7.1 beta solves wifi issue for me.

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    I have the same problem with

    My daughters phone! I also have a host of other issues on my phones like the useless docking stations created by apples 'forward thinking' etc etc. I think you are right - follow the market to Samsung...

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    • Do a hard reset – Press and hold the home button and the power button till the phone shuts down, screen goes blank and then Apple logo reappears.


    It is worked in my phone

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    Hello all, I am joining you here with the same problem. I am relieved to know I am not the only one but extremely frustrated with the lack of support from Apple on their own backyard!

    It happened to me last week when my iPhone 4S was having trouble connecting to a remote wifi server. I decided to disable then re-enable it but got stuck with disabled status.

    I tried all 'soft' solutions: hard reboots, reset all settings, restore from previous backups, etc, without success so far.


    Time to look in the Samsung shop, isn't it?