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Hey guys, i was wondering, is there an official way to get a NES Emulator for my iPad without having to jailbreak it? I don't really want to jailbreak my iPad

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.2
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    Really? >_> guess Apple forces me to jailbreak lol. I don't want to, but i want to play my favourite games. See? in Android Play you can download all the emulators you want without having to "jailbreak" your phone. Now i wanna play them on my ipad and i can't.

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    There is not an official NES emulator for any platform.

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    Of course im not talking about an OFFICIAL NES emulator like made by Nintendo or whatever. I'm asking if there's a NES app in AppStore i could download. WITHOUT jailbreaking my iPad. That's all. Don't want to jailbreak my iPad.

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    And as you've been told, no. The simulators available to Android devices are also unofficial, not legal, and would be great vessels for malware/spyware.

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    The same way an iOS app could be a vessel for the same thing, the available emulators for android can be downloaded straight from the AppMarket exactly the same way you would download them from the AppStore.


    Apple has permitted the uploading of any type of bad apps along the way, now it has introduced a better control for them.


    So basically it would be as easy as Android Market to upload a malware/spyware app in the AppStore. Don't you think? I could basically make a simple iOS app in a few hours to make something cool, but add a keylogger service to run in background getting all the typo and sending it to my email address, and how would you realize about that? or maybe Apple? If you think that way, don't download any app from a not-so-known dev company.

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    Apple has had exactly one app that slipped through and was immediately removed.


    Estimates are 40% of the apps in the Market contain some sort of malware/spyware.


    This is the same sort of illogical argument that comes out when a proof of concept virus is found and Windows users say that Apple has viruses just like Windows...and there hundreds of thousands of viruses.


    So since the Apple Store actually checks apps for malware/spyware and the Market doesn't, no the iOS app couldn't be the same. And your app would have to include that code, be sent to the app store for approval and slip by them and put in the app store. Given there are about a million apps and only one has slipped through what do you think the odds are you will be successful? Since the Market doesn't check at all that is the route to go.


    And since Apple does check apps they cannot allow an fraudulent, ripoff NES Emulator to be in the app store since NES has not licensed one. If they did they would immediately here from NES and be held accountable.


    Now do you understand?

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    Do you really believe Apple has a developers team reading all those app codes? XD reading thousands and thousands of lines per day? do you know how much would it take? and specially if you say that people posts a lot of apps every day.


    Something as simple as a keylogger could be hidden somewhere in a 2000+ lines code, believe me. Doesn't take too much code to create one, tho.


    But bleh, we are going to somewhere else with this discussion... hope for an official NES/DOS/GBA release any time soon.



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    Do you do any actual iOS coding?


    Yes they check it and you can robot check it.