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Why doesn't Apple update the database it uses to push location-based time information to all internet-connected Apple devices to reflect the ACTUAL switchover to/from daylight savings times in all countries? As an example, Chile has a somewhat unusual habit of changing the date when DST ends even months before it is scheduled to happen; however, this information apparently never makes it into the Apple database. (My Mac AND my iPhone, which are both located in Valparaiso, Chile, as I write this, insist it's Chile Standard Time, since originally DST "customarily" ends on the first Sunday in March; however, this year this has been extended into April so they are both wrong!)

This is not entirely trivial - I have a plane to catch and would miss it if I were to rely on my iPhone's time. (There are 16 million Chileneans, and I have observed a lot of them having iPhones - wouldn't you think that Apple might want to avoid annoying so many customers?) It is also not that hard to do right - see

http://www.timeanddate.com which not only shows the correct time but also has a discussion on exactly what happened in Chile. Couldn't Apple, with its billions of $ on hand, hire ONE part-time person (it wouldn't take more) to keep track of international time adjustments and make sure their data base is up-to-date?


- Sebastian


P.S.: There is no good category to post this in, since it affects all Apple devices and is platform-independent. Maybe time for a forum on Apple core services?

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