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I am very confused with timemachine.  I have a "mybook" for backup.  When I connect it what should I then do?  I see it is operatin but is it backing up or do I have to do something else.  It now shows red backed up Jauary latest backup, then right under it is says in white, March right now and today.  I don't see anything moving at all.  How do I know when it is working?

I do not keep my book attached all the time because it is a laptop and I move it around.

I would appreciate it if someone could please guide me though the process. 


Thanks to all

macpro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Time Machine makes hourly backups automatically. As you don't have the external drive permanently connected, those backups aren't made, so press the Time Machine icon on the menu bar and select the option to make a backup now, and see if it's made correctly. If you want more information about your backups, open System Preferences > Time Machine.


    If you want more information about Time Machine, visit the Pondini's website > http://pondini.org

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    Go into Time Machine Preferences and select the disk you connect.  That's it!


    Nima Zahadat