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Hi All,


I have latest pages app for iOS on my iPhone 5 running most recent version of iOS 6.2?


Copied my resume which was done on my desktop using Office 2007 Word .docx


So using in iTunes (latest11.2?) it was put it into Pages and opened it up and it gave me a message saying 2 fonts missing.


I also lost my Bullets in the sections where used along with making it now a 2 page document as opposed to original one page. It took last two lines which were then put on to a second page.


I very much want to make it a one page document again and put it back exactly as it was before which I believe was using Modern Resume template from Office Professional 2007.


Needless to say I am not proficient in the use of Pages while I do know my way around office. I find Pages to be a very capable and highly useful app for my iPhone.


I would like to keep my doc in that app instead of just emailing a copy of it to my self and keeping it in my Hotmail account.


Thank you for any help in advance.

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    anyone? I have read the help section from top to bottom... needless to say didn't find my answers.



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    You might be better off creating a pdf version of your doc and putting that on your iPhone.


    Pages isn't a Word clone and iPhone can't display fonts it doesn't have and you can't add any.  So to have things look exactly the same without converting to pdf you may need to change the fonts in the doc and then use another app which is purposely designed to better replicate Word stuff.

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    Thank you the .pdf is an excellent idea. Will try it now.


    Many thanks for the explanation. I paln on making the full switch to Apple when this Puget Systems built machine dies which may not be too soon. But as much as I love the Apple Mac Pro with my 27" screen next time around may hit up top of the line MacBook Pro Retina and when at home use my monitor. We have a nice Apple store by where I live.


    And I actually waited in line overnight for iphone 5 (was 2nd in line) they treated us great.

    On recent trip to Boston hit up the MS store and was so underwhelmed. I am in sales (with GM/Chevy) past 18 plus years and wow huge difference top to bottom. and I bought my daughter 15 Macbook Pro Retina.... I borrow it from time to time. Love the programs she uses which was why I picked up garageband and iMovie and Pages....the list goes on and on. Here I was an MS lover and still love windows 7 64 bit professional but windows 8 is the windows Me of this generation ;(


    sorry for the added commentary but it had to be said 


    Chevysales aka Mark




    EDIT: wow simple solution that worked like a charm. Thank you so much. (this added 10 minutes after post when I tried it and came out perfect.