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New to this forum and hope this area is appropriate. I have researched this as far as I can and now need to clarify the procedure listed below:


To unlock your iPhone, check with your carrier to ensure that they offer unlocking and that you meet the requirements to obtain an unlock. If both those requirements are met, ask your carrier to unlock your iPhone, then follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that you've waited the recommended wait period provided by your carrier.
  2. Back up your iPhone.
  3. Erase the contents of your iPhone.
  4. Swap the old SIM card with the one for the new carrier.
  5. Complete the setup assistant and restore your backup.


I want to use my iPhone 3Gs in London, UK soon. I will be SIM swapping when I get there (carrier o2 or 3). My phone has been unlocked by AT&T. I now need to follow the instructions above to complete the unlocking. For complicated reasons, I need to perform the above using another MacBook Pro with current software and not the one that I currently sync with. I've established a second admin account for myself on the new (shared) computer, and wish to transfer ALL my stuff to my user account on the new computer (email, apps, photos, music, mms, sms, etc.) so I will have a backup on the new computer from which I can restore my iPhone after doing the above procedure.


I have gotten as far as doing an iTunes sync and backup on my old computer and will clone the drive to a bootable drive for double protection. I now need to get ALL my stuff onto the new computer, backed up and ready to restore my erased iPhone.



  • How best to do this? I am unsure about what to do to do a complete backup of everything and have gotten messages about content on iPhone may be erased, need to merge content, etc. I stopped going further at that point.
  • I need a clear explanation of my choices on essentially getting a veritable cloned backup of my iPhone on to the new computer that can restore my iPhone completely. How? Please.


I am travelling tomorrow (3/10/13) and need a quick response. Thanks in advance.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.2