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Moutain Lion (OSX.8.2)
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    Look folks I am seriously desperate. I've progressed from hanging up to Time machine remebering that a backup was created on March 10th but not remebering that it has backed up afterewards.  This is the first time since I purchased my First Mac a SE/30 I am Rady to throw my Computer as far as I can throw it. And Jump on it.


    One time it will get through and remember the last update. and next time. But then the next time it may update normally or may forget and go back to square one again.  I can't find anymore USB2 Drives and the last USP 3 Drive I had burnt the cable or the drive out. I need a FireWire or thunderbolt Drive. I feel the problem with the GoFlex Drive is because it depends up wifi.   Frankly My Comcast Cable connection is not dependable.


    I thought this Forum people knew how time machine works.


    Is there anywhere I can Go