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The LaunchPad interface is a nice way to help migrate over those new OS X users who have previous iOS experience. 


Isn't there some way to close the loop by always having OS X return the user to the LaunchPad screen after they quit an application?


I've been looking into AppleScript and Automator, and sense maybe there's an avenue there but haven't yet found how this could be done.  There are some scripts out there that purport to close all visible applications, and I guess one could insert 'tell application "Launchpad" activate' but I'm not sure that's the best way.  Better to have the re-launch triggered on an application quit.


Is there something third-party that already exists?



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    You could just leave the Applications folder open on the Desktop.

    You could add the Applications folder to the Dock and show users how to click on that icon.

    You could put an alias to LaunchPad at the bottom, center of the Desktop and they could double-click that kind of like the Home button.

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    Sure, true enough.


    But am looking to replicate their iOS experience where quitting the app goes back to the home screen.

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    But it isn't iOS. It is OS X. Teach them the difference. They'll never learn to use the system if you obfuscate the differences.

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    That seems a bit harsh. 


    Consider that the whole point of LaunchPad is to provide an iOS style desktop.  That Apple has incorporated almost the same functionality as iOS provides with regard to moving apps into folders, deleting apps, rearranging apps and launching apps.  Yes, it's OS X but Apple has created this interface and all I'm suggesting is it would help to have some way to finish the job.


    I just saw on LifeHacker a new application called TaskBoard which brings to the Mac the functionality of the iOS multitasking tray.  This was followed by six comments from folks with sarcastic responses like yours. 


    I would still like to know if this is something that can be scripted or otherwise implemented.

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    There isn't a way to do anything you want. You may not like it, but that doesn't change the fact that the "feature" does not exist.


    You can provide feedback to Apple here: http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html


    If you consider a truthful response sarcastic, you should grow a thicker skin.

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