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So, when attempting to sync Contacts/ Calendars from Outlook 2013 to iPhone using iTunes, Calendars events will not show. The contacts will migrate over just lovely, though Calendar events won't. My default Calendar on my phone is Outlook. All of my calendars on my phone reflect what is in Outlook. The correct default .pst file is selected in Outlook. Is it just that the iTunes SW is not yet compatible with O'2013?

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    It's possible that there is a record in the Calendar database in Outlook that is corrupted. To fix this you would have to export the calendar database from Outlook, then import it again.


    It's also possible that the iTunes plugin did not install correctly in Outlook. If you installed Outlook after installing iTunes this is certainly the case. So remove iTunes completely, download a fresh install from http://www.apple.com/itunes and reinstall it. The full instructions are here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923

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    Well, thank you for that insight. I will be looking out for this when I return to my computer that has the Outlook '13. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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    I have been struggling with this for days.  A colossal waste of time I might add!  Here are a few tips:


    • Outlook can sync to any one of multiple calendars in your ios device.  Make sure you are viewing all your calendars on your device, because it may be syncing correctly but you may not be viewing the correct calendar.  Also, in settings, make sure that your default calendar matches the one you are syncing with.


    • In itunes, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Devices and Reset Sync History.  Also in itunes on the info tab of your ios device, scroll down to "Advanced" and check "Replace information on this iPhone"


    • Finally, in Outlook you can have multiple calendars, but itunes will sync with the default calendar..  One big problem I had was that I was using multiple account profiles, and I was syncing with the wrong profile. 


    I am still having one big problem.  While notes and contacts work fine, and the calendar copies nicely from Outlook to the iPhone, I cannot get calendar changes on the iPhone to copy to Outlook.  If anyone can help me out here I'd be very grateful!  I suspect that it is a problem with Outlook 2013.

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    Having similar and unresolved problems. Wife's iPhone 4S working fine syncing to Outlook 2007. Upgraded to 2013. Noticed that calendar wasn't syncing. It shows in "sync status" when connected to iTunes but never loads any changes. Tried several things so far:

    • Reinstalled iTunes
    • Deleted sync history and removed all data (iTunes options) from phone
    • Disabled Outlook addins (noticed there's an add in for iCloud and one for iTunes)


    It seems something is going on now with iCloud and 2013. In 2007 we didn't use (or perhaps there wasn't an add-in for) iCloud. We do not want to use iCloud to sync this stuff so not sure why that's an issue now with 2013 -- wife does not have an iCloud account set up or enabled.


    Also when I sync, iTunes displays an error popup repeatedly for "Windows Installer", continues through the sync then ends... with nothing synchronized.


    And just noticed now that contacts did not sync properly, went as far as letter "P" then stopped. That's a new one.

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    I have not yet tried uninstall and re-install of iTunes after having installed Office 2013, however I was curious if you have yet, DiAnitaMiAmor.  Or more generally, if anyone has been successful with Office 2013 syncing contacts with an iPhone through iTunes, using Lawrence's suggestion or otherwise.

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    I was frustrated with this problem for several months after installing Office 2013.  Installing iTunes 11.0.5 when it released did not resolve the issue, however this problem appears to be fixed in iTunes 11.1, or at least installing it resolved it for me.  iCloud use was not necessary.

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    Ok .. if i read this correctly .. if I install (in my case upgrade to) Office 2013 with Outlook 2013 and iTunes is already installed, the likelihood that iTunes will now sync correctly to the calendars I'm currently maintaining in Outlook 2007 is iffy at best.  To ensure that iTunes recognizes these calendars now in Outlook 2013 correctly, I need to UNInstall iTunes and then reinstall it?  I'm praying that it's that simple.


    Btw -- I don't care a fig about syncing contacts -- just calendar.  And I don't use Outlook on my iPodTouch or iPadMini... just WeekCal that rides on top of the native Calendar app.  And Cloud is not part of this equation at all.

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    I'll offer my $0.02, but I'm in the opposite boat - sync contacts and not calendar - so take this with a grain of salt.


    I don't think you'd need to uninstall at all, but you do need to install an update, to 11.1 or later.  iTunes 11.2 was recently released, so if you haven't installed yet, I'd suggest installing Office 2013, then updating iTunes.  If you've already installed iTunes 11.2, you might need to uninstall, install Office 2013, and reinstall, or wait for the next update.

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    I keep up with the latest iTunes --  I'm on  Thanks for the advice.  At least now I know I won't be shooting myself in the foot by installing Office 2013.