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I have a 17" 1.5GHZ PowerBook G4 with I think OS X 10.3.  It won't boot past the apple logo gray screen.  I have tried to safe boot, boot in single user mode and a myriad other fixes and can't get the machine to boot no matter what.  The only thing that works so far on this machine is the Open Firmware command line utility, and as far as I can find, there's no disk check that can be done from it.  No install disks were shipped with this machine.  I only have access to a Windows PC to download a boot utility and create a boot disk from so that I can run a disk utility of some kind.  Is it possible to create a cd or thumb drive from a PC that a Mac will boot from?  Or do you have any other suggestions for someone that doesn't have some other media to boot from?

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 1G of RAM
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Well, you could buy a copy of OS X 10.5. The DVD needs to look like this:


Some users have also reported success calling Apple and requesting install disks.

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Well, you can buy whatever OS, I just assumed you wanted the latest OS (which your machine can comfortably run).

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