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Help! Had to restore daughters ipad after she forgot the passcode.  How do I sync her apps bk from computer to ipad?


iPad 2
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    If you are on iTunes 11 on your computer then you can enable the left-hand sidebar via option-command-S on a Mac, control-S on a PC. Then connect the iPad and select it on that left-hand sidebar, and on the right-hand side of iTunes there should be a series of tabs one of which is Apps - if you select that tab there should be a listbox of apps which you can use to select which apps to sync/install on the iPad, and at the bottom right of the screen there should be a Sync/Apply button


    If you don't have all of the apps on that computer then you should be able to re-download them via the Purchased link under Quick Links on the right-hand side of the iTunes store home page : re-downloading.