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I have been using iweb for my website for quite some time now and all of a sudden everytime I publish an update to a page, the fonts are crazy.  What is going on?  It is the same crazy fonts on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. Help!  I am certain I am using web friendly fonts, so there is no reason for this to be happening.  All of the other pages that were published earlier still look fine.  Please check out www.shopkeywestdog.com  (the fonts at the bottom of the first page is a great example) and give me some direction.


Thank you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
Solved by Wyodor on Mar 11, 2013 3:10 PM Solved

And this is what I see on my iPad :


Photo 2013-03-11 22-58-11.jpg


It's this HTML Snippet :


http://www.shopkeywestdog.com//luxury-designer-pet-supplies-_-key-west-dog_files /widget2_markup.html


And looking at your page, of which there are similar ones by other iweb users, I wonder where people get the desire from to empty the garbage can or flush the toilet above iWeb.


Is it really so difficult to create an esthetically pleasing website that does not ruin my eyesight?


Why not start again and leave out all the trash, garbage, junk, refuse and other digital waste.


And hurry, before you know it, it's against the law. If it isn't already.


Oh, and what's this :


http://www.shopkeywestdog.com/luxury-designer-pet-supplies-_-key-west-dog_files/ search3Fq3Dsmall2Btwitter2Bicon26tbnh3D6426tbnw3D6426hl3Den26gbv3D226sig3D100603 06826633442840426biw3D102426bih3D55426tbs3Dsimg-CAQSEgnqKT9SCVhlkCFrorp3sRgDmQ26 tbm3Disch%26itbs%3D1%26i.jpg


Copied an image from a search?




It must be very demanding to leave out some characters from the filename.